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About Catalina

My Clients Shine, I Just Put on My Sunnies

Hi, I’m Catalina Lawsin, Ph.D.  I’m a clinical psychologists and for the past 20 years I’ve worked with individuals affected by the big guns- like cancer, death and dying. I have witnessed extreme resilience, bravery and perseverance.  After working with cancer patients so much, I focused my calling to talk about what’s often not talked about with patients – sex.

Active | Energetic | Transparent | Not Judgey

I’m action-oriented in and out of the therapy room.  While I love to talk, I love to DO even more.  We will build on your unique strengths to sharpen and learn new skills to cope more effectively. I have the most energy of anyone I know and bring this energy to each and every one of my sessions. I’m a straight shooter, fostering honesty and transparency to encourage you to find and use your unique voice.  While I can be fairly direct, I’m not at all judgey.  I have worked with clients all over the world from so many backgrounds, I feel like a UN Ambassador (which was my career back-up plan).  I embrace diversity and appreciate special ways each client shines.  Being an academic, I practice what I preach and only use proven techniques in my work.

If you’re looking for a change, ready to choose a different path that embraces all of YOU, then we might be a great match!
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A little about my experience

  • Licensed in Illinois and New York (so I can see clients in these states and expats abroad)
  • Associate Professor in Behavioral Sciences at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago
  • Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at University of Sydney, Australia
  • Assistant Professor at Baruch College, CUNY, New York
  • Published author in numerous scientific journals and media outlets
  • Principal Investigator on numerous psychological studies, including Rekindle, a web-based psycho-sexual resource developed and tested for Australian cancer survivors and partners

I have been trained by many of the leaders in our field all over the US:

Postdoctoral Fellow at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, New York
Specialty area:  Oncological Sciences, Coping with HSCT and health disparities

PhD from Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
Specialty area:  Clinical Health Psychology, disparities amongst Latinas in cancer prevention

MS from The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC
Specialty are:  Coping amongst African-American women living with HIV

BS from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
Specialty area: Parental effects on college drinking

Want more info about me?  No worries, check out my resume 

me on scout

So what are you like out of the therapy room?

I’m pretty much the same except typically on the water sailing or traveling to somewhere I can sail.  I’m not as formal as the bun and sunnies imply – atleast I think I’m funny.  I don’t keep my mouth shut, my head down, or my opinions to myself.  My family and friends are my island retreat and without them, I wouldn’t be able to do this work.

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